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Can backup storage be shared among servers internally?

21-05-2016, 16:05
I tested and added ips to access list and I can access to backup space from 3 different servers. But support replied that is not accessable. Confused? I am asking because I will move to OVH range and planing my infra.

20-05-2016, 21:22
From the Manager, you can only allow your server, with it's additional IPs, to access the backup storage. However, if you have more servers (or virtual servers), you can re-export your already mounted folder and manage the permissions your own way.

20-05-2016, 18:29
I set mine up a while back (only have one SyS server) and this was part of the text in the email -

'The connection with FTP server is only possible from the
level of your server'

So I guess that backup storage is tied to the server it was supplied with

20-05-2016, 17:41
Can backup storage be shared among servers internally?