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You have orders in progress

29-05-2016, 05:31
Hello. That's because OVH and SyS are considered as separate products(unlike the old Kimsufi servers), so they have a separate administration panel, and separate user database.

As SyS and OVH have separate administration, it's possible that you will require to validate your account. It's not always needed, but I think they may or not require you to do so under the same criteria they do for OVH. So, if your OVH account needed validation when you placed your first order, it's most likely your SyS account will need validation; and, if your OVH did not required validation at that time, probably your SyS account won't either.

Also, you may consider that server setups are only processed on office hours of each datacenter, so the faster you could get your server is Monday @ 8 or 9 AM on the datacenter timezone(currently GMT+2 for RBX, SBG and GRA; and GMT-4 for BHS)

29-05-2016, 01:16
Hello, today i purchase new dedicate server
in my page i see that "You have orders in progress"
My order number: 52768683
I purchase first time dedicate server in sys, but i have account and server in ovh so i use my ovh data and cant purchase using my ovh data, how much i need wait for my order?
and also in sys have the same ddos protection like in ovh?