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E5-SAT-1 Cannot Connect :mad:

31-05-2016, 19:53
Have you checked if the server can ping remote addresses?

Not sure about OS installs (I have VMWare on mine), but do you need to set a virtual MAC up?

Not sure what you mean by 'remote into the IP', but if you mean RDP, you usually have to enable that on Windows server OS's

31-05-2016, 15:17
So i purchased the E5-SAT-1 server from so you start and i seem to be getting nothing but bother. Im unsure whom is to blame but its just not allowing me to do anything.

Once the server was purchased i opted for an installation of windows server 2008R2, This appears to have installed fine according to the control panel but when i try remote into the IP its given nothing happens. I've checked and the dedicated is booted up and running. Any help right now would be absolutely great.

Thanks guys <3

Order Number: 52821834