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Payment Problem

02-06-2016, 21:54
I have exactly same problem:

Created a ticket to get supported, but had not received any return about the problem. I want to pay the balance to sustain my service before it was expired. I need urgent help as well.

02-06-2016, 20:05

Yesterday I received an email of the months bill. I opened my manager so that I would be able to pay the bill but there was no link that would direct me to pay for it and (My payments) showed the account status on 18 may which has 0.00 due.

Later i received an email from paypal saying the amount of the bill was taken from my paypal balance, but there was NO proof of pay sent by soyoustart and the bill seems to remain in (My Bills) with still (My payments) showing the account state from 18 may and no link to pay the june bill either. I have created a support yesterday but there is no response till now and I do not wish for my service to be suspended.

Thank you.