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Support ticket turnaround time

09-06-2016, 11:26
I agree-- Provide OVH HDD Test results and smartctl report for the failed drive. If found failed drive they will replace it immediately.

06-06-2016, 16:32
SyS have longer reponse time for support tickets, so they could do it really soon, as they could take a couple days. You can give them a call, maybe that helps a little bit to push this forward.

Also, in order to make things faster, make sure to have(and put in the support ticket) technical evidence that the hard drive is failed. Best evidence can be any of the following:

- smartctl report
- Rescue mode hdd test result
- Kernel or syslog which evidences bad sectors

06-06-2016, 14:07
What's the current turnaround tie for support tickets?

I reported a failed drive last night in RBX3 and haven't had a response yet.