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How to get FTP to work

07-06-2016, 07:37
Simply install Microsoft FTP server from Server Roles and publish the site with FTP user. No need to install Filezilla FTP server.

07-06-2016, 05:31
Hi. Googling around, I found this guide on how to setup an FTP server on Windows Server:

However, FTP is no longer considered a good option, both for technical reasons as well as for security. On the technical part, FTP is a complex protocol, because it needs to open data channels in order to transfer files or folder listings, and those require additional connections to random ports, so it can be troublesome with various firewalls. On security, FTP is not encrypted by default, and it's really uncommon to see some FTPS running around.

For a better alternative in both tech & security, check SSH. Even when it's original to *nix OSes, there are a few Linux implementations that work really well. My favorite is Bitvise WinSSHD, because it's really easy to configure, and comes with a nice control panel. Other alternatives include the Tectia SSH Server, and OpenSSH under Cygwin.

If you just want to transfer some files, you can also copy them through RDP, either sharing your local drive with the server, or using the clipboard sharing.

07-06-2016, 02:44
Hey guys im a bit of a noob with this. I rented a dedicated server from OVH and im using the windows OS. I have filezilla but i cant connect to the server to save my life. i called their support and they said something along the lines of "configure the server to ftp" How would i go abouts doing this? Also would this interfere with anything i have set up on the server already? Ty