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Move IP from SYS to OVH

10-06-2016, 16:37
The Main IP(the one included with the server) is not movable, no matter it's inside SyS or from SyS to OVH. Technicall possible, sure, but OVH has some rules for IP assigment, and I don't think they would make an exception.

To avoid this kind of problems, you should avoid using the Main IP for publicly available services which you cannot easily redirect to a new IP (using a DNS hostname, for example). Also, you can use an FO IP on the server, so, when you want to move to another server, you just move the FO IP to the new server.

10-06-2016, 14:17

I know it's possible to move a Failover IP from SYS to OVH, but I would like to get my main IP moved to a OVH server and cancel the SYS one. Technically it's possible. Would be great since we host gameservers with many players.