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SYS forcing me to renew

10-06-2016, 17:51
I have had a $700/year SYS server in RBX for several years and been happy with it. I don't need it anymore so a month before it expired, I logged in to make sure it wasn't set to auto-renew, and I found that SYS refused to let me say I didn't want to renew, or to turn off auto-pay.

Keep in mind this was weeks before the prior year even ended. I have numerous high-end OVH servers and I pay them manually in the days before they expire, and if I didn't, the servers would just be shut down. Here I have planned ahead weeks and they say you have to pay $700 for something you haven't even received yet.

This is ridiculous. When I first signed up for this exact server, you paid by the month. Now they are saying I have to renew it, and it has to be for a 12-month period.

I opened a ticket and they refused to acknowledge that, in several weeks when the server term came to an end, I wished to let it come to an end.

Through paypal, I revoked the authorization for SYS to charge me, but they haven't terminated my server (which I have no use for) and keep saying I owe them money.

This is a horrible business practice. Those servers are often sold out and in extremely high demand, because of their good price. All you had to do is let it expire and someone else would buy it within seconds. You don't need 6 weeks for a web interface to turn off auto-renew.

Please turn off the server because I never asked for it and you are not getting any money from me.