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How is your backupstorage upload speed.

14-06-2016, 00:56
OVH servers have always newer hardware when comparing to SyS or KS. They also have better network connection.

13-06-2016, 22:43
One of factor that I migrated from sys was this 500 gb storage. Other was Kvm. But now I am thinking of going backto sys again whicl will save me some money. Do you know if hardware is also big difference with ovh and sys?

13-06-2016, 22:01
It's widely known that the backup storage is far from optimal. I think due to the fact it's free. Making it a better service would probably cost too much to keep it free.

If you need a faster external storage, you have two options: USB stick or NAS.

BTW, in backup storage, OVH offers no guarantee on your data.

13-06-2016, 21:26
I agree with you on that, if their network can't support their customers doing backups of very large files at a fast/reasonable speed, they shouldn't offer it.

13-06-2016, 11:34
Of course I can understand that, but 2-5 MBps is too low. 50 MBps is reasonable. Because what is backup space is for? backup (probably) large files.

13-06-2016, 06:58
I think it's something to do with ensuring that everyone gets the same speeds as each other (although I cannot confirm this..) so they impose a ul/dl QoS limit so that their system doesn't get smashed with lots of people uploading/downloading to/from the backup storage at Gb/ps speed.

I think the normal limit is around 50Mb/s up/down (although again... I cannot reliably confirm this as I don't know enough about their networking configuration (because they choose security over simplicity) )

I've been transferring ISO files (they're Windows Installers so they're a few Gb's ) for a couple hours now to the backup storage.
and I'm actually seeing similar speeds to yours.

13-06-2016, 01:35
I have three server with ovh. And I am using backup space to upload some big files via ftp. But upload speed only between 2 - 5 Mbps. So wondering if there is some issue with my connection or it is same for eveyone. It takes too long to upload big files.

3 different server 3 different backup space but very similar upload speed. It seems to be hidden upload speed is set?