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Help with my hosting account

17-06-2016, 13:31
The attacker was request an exe file from the server too many times the file size was 4 MB what could i do for this issue ? i currently removed the file temporarily

17-06-2016, 10:47
What kind of website is it? If it has lots of images have you optimised them to reduce the file size as much as possible? Have you implemented browser caching to reduce the number of requests to your site? Test your site at the following URLs, they should give you some clues where to look for problems

17-06-2016, 10:40
Your website is taking high resources on the server which might be causing high load. And it could be because you are getting high traffic on your website.. Well If there is no reason for high traffic on your site then probably your site is under attack.

17-06-2016, 06:47
I got a huge http requests on certain file on my hosting . So I got this message from ovh validation

Dear Customer,

Thank you for subscribing to an Web Hosting service.

We have isolated your domain for the following reason:

Your website is getting a several hits

Your domain has been switched to a machine with limited capacity which could mean that your website is inaccessible.
This isolation allows us to protect our infrastructure and our other customers' websites as a consequence.

To return it to the main cluster, you can:

1. View your logs and statistics in your Control Panel to check for any abnormal activity;
2. Optimise your website and reduce the resources used;
3. Optimise your files to minimise the number of requests;

You will be notified by email once your website has returned to the main cluster. This could take a few hours.

If your website is optimised you can avoid the isolation procedure altogether.
For this we suggest that you migrate to "Performance" hosting which provides your own guaranteed resources.
To migrate just go to the Control Panel then "Hosting" and then "Change hosting offer".
Please use our partner network if you need someone to guide you through these optimisation steps: & rootUrlBiz ;

The Web Hosting team


I dont know what they mean by

Optimise your files to minimise the number of requests

What should I do ? What limit I have to apply ?