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Can Some answer on ticket?

24-06-2016, 23:24
Not sure if they are gona help you on that. But I have a previous post on that. Should be easy to follow:

Just put your VPS into rescue mode, and follow the steps in my post. Note that the device ("vdb1") could change according to your VPS configuration. If unsure or doesn't works, run "ls /dev" & check. It should start with "vd" or "sd", followed by another letter("a" or "b"), and then a number(1 to 8).

24-06-2016, 19:51
My vps is change password and now i cant enter in my server.

24-06-2016, 17:51
I've seen no OVH staff around the forums for some time now, so, if you need a quick response from them, you'd better give them a phone call.

Depending on what problem is your ricket about, some users around the forums may be able to help you, if you share with us your problem.

24-06-2016, 17:40
Ticked Id

ticket 4553763249