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Are SSD servers getting back?

01-07-2016, 17:36
Still, OVH is more expensive in my case then SoYouStart. Any update on this yet? No dedicated server is in stock now...

25-06-2016, 09:32
Set a filter for SSD disk and it will show you the server ranges with SSD drives.

24-06-2016, 23:18
There is one model with SSD, but it's out of stock.

If you want a server with SSD, you can search on the OVH Hosting ranges, there are some servers with SSD starting @ 49.69 + VAT.

24-06-2016, 20:30

I'm planning on ordering a dedicated server with SSD, but I see now that they've vanished from the list. Are they coming back and if so, when?

Thanks for responding!

Paul van der Meulen