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Can't Install Windows 2012 Standard w/ SQL Server

30-06-2016, 07:35
Yeah, but they have never replied to any of my tickets. This ticket was even deleted a week later. I really don't get how they can have such unbelievably horrible service!

29-06-2016, 14:04
have you opened a ticket with them?

28-06-2016, 11:08
I don't want to go through such a complicated solution. I also don't know the serial key for the Windows license I bought from SyS.

I'm trying to figure out why their image refuses to install on my server...

28-06-2016, 10:44
get the KVM then you can use your own image

28-06-2016, 09:59
ASA firewall, but that's another topic. I'm still just trying to install Windows on this server. Paid for the server, paid for the Windows license, can't install Windows on this server!

27-06-2016, 15:10
On the firewall, do you mean you purchased an ASA firewall? If it's just the Windows firewall that's just software (no support)

27-06-2016, 10:15
Quote Originally Posted by RandomThoughts
Not sure about your SQL problems, but SyS only provide network / hardware support
Surely they also provide support for installing their Windows+SQL images on the server, don't they? This isn't something we, as customers, have access to. They won't let me upload my own OS image or give me the serial key to my SQL license to be able to install the SQL Server manually.

Edit: My first ticket was related to the firewall, which was open for a few weeks without them touching the ticket, so that's hardware/network.

27-06-2016, 10:11
Not sure about your SQL problems, but SyS only provide network / hardware support

27-06-2016, 09:47
I've tried twice to install Windows 2012 Standard (64bits) w/ SQL Server.. Both times, during the installation, I get an error message saying that "An error occurred on rebooting your server." and "Error during win 2008 post install : SQL Install Error : -2067921930". Then the installation fails and I need to try installing again.

For that server, I have the following licenses:
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition
/!\ license_sqlserver_version_SQL_SERVER_2014_WEB_EDIT ION_4_CORES

My questions:
1. What's causing this issue and what's the solution?
2. Why is the SQL Server license labeled like that? I've noticed all SQL Server 2014 and 2016 licenses have that same style label, unlike SQL 2012 which is labeled as "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (4 cores)".
3. Do SyS ever reply to tickets using the ticketing system? This is my second ticket with them, this one open for about a week, never got any replies from them.