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ipv4 allocation

07-07-2016, 09:50
the ips still arent being delivered though and all you get from support is theres administrative delays from ripe yesterday i was told they had the ip blocks from ripe seems excuse after excuse i might leave ovh i understand delays but to keep being told different things is not good this is putting massive delays on my business to introduce new services the servers been standing for a week now doing nothing and i have 4 orders for ips just standing still its not good for business

05-07-2016, 08:34
OVH update the french one quicker then the UK status page

you will have to translate it into English

01-07-2016, 15:38
Tuesday or Weds next week (apparently)

30-06-2016, 17:58
It seems a new IPs will be issued soon.

30-06-2016, 12:22
Hello just thought i would let everyone know that ipv4 blocks currently arent processing till next week i originally got told a couple of days but since my last phone call this has changed

Its unfortunate as my business requires the server to be setup as soon as possible but without the ips im stuck in a nutshell quite simply because i cant setup virtual machines on my server

If anyone knows of any exact timescale please let me know as ovh support are not very helpful