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SYS added IPs to my invoices which are not present on my servers ! What is going on ?

01-07-2016, 16:38

I just noticed today that SYS added 2 IPs to one of my renewal page but the IPs are not present on any of my servers ! Luckily I have checked the IPs because I was about to pay for them !

Dani, please resolve my problem and remove IPs, from my server ns519012 ! Tomorrow is the due date and I don't want to pay for this 2 IPs. How is this possible ? How can you charge people in such abusive way ?? Please check the history payments for this IPs, if any payments for them in the paste PLEASE refund my PAYPAL account immediately !

I have also noticed that even if I select "No renewal" for any IP, SYS is forcing to pay them anyway by generating the invoice with those IPs included !