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How to install fresh Plesk on debian 7 server?

06-07-2016, 09:51
You can try uploading the script with ftp software to your home directory "/home/yourusername" then run the script

06-07-2016, 00:21
thanks for your replies m8

i don't have a tmp directory in the server...! should i create such directory and do the script running???

i tried many ways after uploading to other directories but nothing worked so far

cheers m80

05-07-2016, 16:04

You need to unzip the file and upload "" to your tmp directory

Then run sh ./ (if you are already logged in as root then you don't need sh you can just run "./")

05-07-2016, 13:44
thanks for your reply m8 but it came a little late coz i did it but not 100% working and i need to uninstall it to do it your way

i found this way to uninstall it but don't understand how after trying many ways;

Full Plesk uninstallation;

Download the script and run it with root privileges on your Linux server:

# sh ./
i have the script downloaded. should i unzip it or not and where in the server i should upload and how to run it???

i feel awful when typing coz i'm good at many things but when it comes to this i feel duuuuuumb

PS this is taken from here:

05-07-2016, 09:38
here is the commands on how to install plesk

02-07-2016, 13:21
Hey guys,

I ordered a VPS SSD 1 server and found out I have to install Plesk on it but duno where to start from or how to do it??

Can someone explain in plain English how this is done, please???

Glad to be part of OVH community and been witing forever to sign up an account and get a server too