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Paypal Validation on secound order (VPS)

10-07-2016, 06:10
Because of anti fraud policy, OVH may require some manual validation on your credit card transaction. Once, I was required to send a scan/photo of my ID and the credit card(with the 8 digits on the center groups blurred, of course). That can be considered normal.

Validations won't proceed during weekends, as those are performed by staff who doesn't works on weekends. So you will have to wait until monday.

09-07-2016, 20:48

I just made my secound order (a vps) on and I chose to use my paypal account instead of my credit card this time. Now it says that my order needs manual verification since I used paypal for the first time. Does anyone know how long this might take and is it possible it can be validated in the weekend? And is this a process that needs to be done every time I use paypal on my account?