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IP renewal is mandatory on SYS ! No Renewal option is useless.

13-07-2016, 18:42
Sounds like good old OVH........ Goes to show appointing a new CEO was useless, nothing has changed.......

Even staff do not frequent the forums anymore.

13-07-2016, 07:59

I have noticed that by selecting 'no renewal' for the IP I need to drop is useless , they added anyway so we are forced to keep the IP. It looks like an abuse to me to force people to keep the IPs against their will. The strange thing is that since 2 years SYS didn't bother to fix this problem. I have to call the lazy SYS phone support and listen to their lies every time like " I'm going to remove the IPs in the next hour" only to see 5 hours later that nothing has been done and I need to give another 3 calls until they actually do something.