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Confusing NIC & Validation Process, please clarify this mess?

22-07-2016, 21:39
Not really sure. That depends on what is considered as proof of address for each country... I consider myself lucky for getting my account validated with my tax receipt.

Why don't you give them a call? They may be able to assist you better

22-07-2016, 20:09
In fact I got a paycheck for about 13 days ago, can I blur what I got and such aslong as address and name is shown?

22-07-2016, 19:39
For a fast answer about what proof of address you can send them, try calling +353 1 293 7844.

Back in time, I remember I validated my account sending them a tax payment receipt, which had my full address and name because I was paying property tax. A friend of mine validated his account by printing the phone bill he receives on his email, and scanning it back.

22-07-2016, 18:34
I got an answer today saying that it was not accepted. I was missing a valid proof of address apparently due to the fact that the last envelope I received was 4 months or so old. I don't get post nor any bills, therefore I don't have anything more to prove it with. I don't get post, just turned eighteen and everything goes on my parents name. What the heck am I supposed to do? It's so weird. I don't have anything from the previous two months.

It's weird how it has to be less than two months old. Aslong as it isn't more than a year it should be good. Don't move that often? I don't know why they'd think I'd lie anyway, but assume that's their protocol. Meaning I can't be validated? There's absolutely no other way?

Asked them, but it usually takes 2-3 days before they respond so..

20-07-2016, 04:38
Yes, you should be notified once they validate your account.

19-07-2016, 23:40
Alright I have done it right now. Assume an envelop from the bank is more than enough? It has date, full name and address on it. I don't get mail frequently, and usually trashes it once I have paid a bill. I'll be notified on mail when it has been validated?

19-07-2016, 21:02
For validation, you must send a Proof of Identity(ID Card, Driving License, or Passport) as well as a Proof of Address (Public services bill). Send them to, specifying your NIC handle. Validations usually take one or two working days.

19-07-2016, 19:32

So I just made an account and signed up for that weird NIC thingy. I've made a ticket as well as I sent an email, still haven't been answered. What so ever, do I have to send any information such as paper showing my address and so forth? I'm from Norway by the way, using I have been searching trying to solve my problem with nothing working when I come to the summary page when ordering a VPS SSD server. There it stops, and according to a forum thread it is because my NIC has to be validated or something? If so, do I have to send any papers or anything to them - or is the registration itself enough?

I haven't received any mail telling me to send anything, only activation email providing my login details and such. So how does this actually work? Can an admin tell me please, because this is quite complicated and confusing. Especially when I can't find any userfriendly way to find it out.