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Cannot sigh in to order server

23-07-2016, 19:41

Your account is pending validation. You should of received the information for the validation process and where to send it.

This information is displayed on the ordering screen.



23-07-2016, 19:13
Hello there.

I tried to order a server, checked new customer, I did enter information and created a new account,
but 3 days passed, invoice expired, I've sent the documentations for validation (id / address proof).

Tried 3 days later to register a new one, I've checked already a customer, entered my email and password
and I am getting this:

1 Error
Nic existant invalide: pc210928-sys

If I try to login to soyoustart, I can login just fine. When only I try to order and it asks for e-mail and password it stuck there with this error.

Any thoughts ?