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Bought a windows license but it's not showing up? + VRack Information

24-07-2016, 17:49
Orders are usually processed during work hours on each datacenter, so your order will most probably be processed tomorrow.

Regarding the vRack, let me explain: vRack is like having a switch where you can connect your servers(only vRack-enabled models), mo matter which DC they are located, so it can behave like a private network between your servers. You can use it as you want, when regarding to IP ranges. You can also use the vRack to route IP blocs, but that's a configuration intended only for high availability VMs and VM roaming.

24-07-2016, 14:07
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Callum Brown
24-07-2016, 12:32
I bought a dedicated server (the intel xeon e5 EG-32-S v2) and i also bought a windows license, i had an email to say..
We confirm the receipt of your payment corresponding to
order number ...........

The order is now in progress. It will be completed shortly subject to availability.

We would like to thank you for choosing OVH.

How long will this order take? Is it not instant?

Also, with the VRack, i understand it's a virtual server in another location however, does this mean i can host it in America (the actual box) and have the box in france also? Meaning better ping for users in europe and NA.
I'd like to know more information on setting up my VRack as i got one with the box^