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Extra IP's for VPS

26-07-2016, 21:18
Thanks alvaroag.

I found a reply to my ticket wating when i got home - "the email you received was sent in error due to a glitch in our system. Please feel free to ignore it.", so I shall

26-07-2016, 00:38
Yes, they only charge for the IP setup. After that, you won't have to pay for the IP monthly. The expiration date is only how OVH system controls it; that comes from ancient times, when they charged monthly for the IPs.

25-07-2016, 22:53
I've purchased 4 extra IP's for my VPS and says
All the VPS ranges allow you to mount up to 17 IP addresses per server.
Price: 1.69 excl. VAT/IP (or 2.03 incl. VAT) only on installation.
Yet I have received an email saying the IP's expire on 2016-08-24. Even more confusing, following the link to renew the services brings up a page stating the IP's will expire on 24-08-2016 and renewel options for 0.00.

I raised a support ticked to query this but have had no reply after 24 hours.

Can anyone tell me if the original information is correct ("1.69 excl. VAT/IP (or 2.03 incl. VAT) only on installation.") and if so why are the IP's going to expire?