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Account Confirmation/Validation

08-08-2016, 23:00

Your account is currently in the process of validation with one of my colleagues, this should be completed shortly.



08-08-2016, 08:13
dle: ka320415-ovh

help me please. Account confirm Dani

26-07-2016, 21:33

For the account of es61838-ovh it has been validated.

Your service has also been assigned.

Best Regards


26-07-2016, 14:11
After waiting three days I got rejected due to date of the documents I sent. However, I sent some more documents that should be valid on the same day as you. I still haven't received an answer. Expect one today or tomorrow. I'm impressed that they responded to your ticket that quick, took me one day to get answer.

26-07-2016, 07:57
I made my registration on 22/06 and sent the validation files at the same hour and still no one validated my account. I sent a ticket to support and they answered me immidiately. I need to work on a project from 30 of july and i still dont have a machine to do so.

Acc : es61838-ovh