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Connect Servers over Local Network

26-07-2016, 20:34

Here is the link for the OVH vRack:



26-07-2016, 13:55
Hi. There's no such option on SYS servers. Your servers are connected to a router, and that router controls all of your server's traffic, including the max bandwidth.

What you may be interested in is the vRack offered with some OVH servers. It's like having all your server connected to a common switch with a secondary NIC, so you can have a private network between them. the HOSTING range has prices not too far from SYS prices, and include the vRack.

26-07-2016, 13:31

I have tried reaching SYS over their ticket system but didn't receive any response.

I want my servers in the same region to be interconnected over the same network so that I can utilize the whole 1 Gbps port on the servers.

Please assist me with this issue.