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Transfer Accounts between countries

27-07-2016, 12:53
Hi. You can't change the country fot your account. You can create a new account, validate it, and transfer your services to your new account, but I would advise you to ask OVH staff on the phone about that.

Here's the full list of Country -> OVH Country:

It has suffered small changes since then, but it's almost the same.

27-07-2016, 11:17
Hi all,

Just to start off with the right foot I have to say that OVH's support, thus far, has provided me with the worst support experience of my life...

I am currently being doubly-taxed (VAT) because I have opted for using the credit option. For this reason I would like to transfer my account to a different OVH site (preferably IE). Is this possible?