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The specified domain does not exist Error

10-08-2016, 00:07
The DNS Configuration is not specific to the IP block. In order to join a Windows installation("client") to a domain, the client must be configured using the Active Directory server as DNS server; no other DNS configuration will allow Windows to locate the Active Directory servers.

If you add me to Skype (a.aguayo), and give me a better explanation of your deployment scenario, I can help you.

09-08-2016, 17:15
Hello, I have an IP Block and have moved it to my vRack along with the Dedicated Server.
When I try to join my Windows domain after entering the login I get "The Domain couldn't be found. Check the domain name and try again."
I 'think' this is because I have not set the right DNS settings up on the Domain Controller but I have no idea how to do this for the IP Block.

Could someone please tell me or have a look on TeamViewer or alike?