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Just a small feedback.

10-08-2016, 22:55

Currently the best way to manage your OVH services is with a computer display. This is because we list a lot of information in the manager and a smaller screen doesn't display it 100%.

I can see in the images isn't scaled accordingly. I will look to provide this feedback to the relevant teams.



10-08-2016, 15:29
Hi. I've been an OVH customer for some years now; apparently, not as long as you, but every year counts.

I cannot tell the actual reasons why OVH discontinued the old Managerv3, but I can guess them. I see two possible reasons:

- First, when you have a piece of software for many years, in a constant company growth, it often happens that it turns difficult (and more difficult as time passes) to keep that software adequate to all the company needs. That can be even more difficult if the software wan't made thinking on the future; even when it's a bad practice, it happens more often that it should. The Managerv3 was made many years ago, and I bet the people who wrote it at the beginning never though about thw growth OVH would have in the future: many DCs, a lot new services types, etc. It just probably became difficult to keep the Managerv3 updated to fulfil each new requirement. And, when that happens, it's better to rewrite the software, with good practices, and thinking on the future.

- The second is, Managerv3 was written on times where you only had HTML and a little javascript. Client-side HTML was almost static. Things have changed now; everything is dynamic on client side, and that allows to make a more intuitive and easy to use UI. Of course, that would have been impossible in the old Managerv3. The new Managerv6 takes advantage of new technologies modern browsers can offer, making everything faster and easier for customers.

About your problem using the Manager from your phone.... It's really weird. I say that because I've used it many times from my phone without any problem(my phone is Android w/Chrome). But I think there are two possibilities:

- One or two nights ago, OVH has made an update on the Manager. Maybe, while they were updating it, there were some issues with it's usage. If this is it, trying now should work with no problem.

- Chrome should work, but it's always good to try other browsers. I'd recommend you to install Opera & Firefox, and, when things doesn't work with Chrome, try with both of them. BTW, configuring them to behave like their desktop versions could give you better results in cases like this.

There used to be an OVH mobile app around there, but it was taken down by OVH some time ago. The reason was the app used the old SOAP API, which OVH is in process of discontinuing, in favour of the new REST API. But you are right, they should have an app, I consider that a must-have on current times, specially for a company like OVH.

What you can use from your mobile phone with no problem is the API Console, where you have the same operations as the Manager, but in a more technical way. Take a look at it:

10-08-2016, 12:46

Unfortunately I wish to continue my post as I have manage to perform a little investigation on the poor web manager and it's behavior.
Sadly it turns out it is simply NOT compatible with mobile devices.

Here just to show that I was having issues with my database;

But back to the topic. Scaling is something that for whatever reason web manager doesn't handle at all.

Here is a working pop-up options that works just fine!

And now broken part;

Some weird text scaling;

Broken button that gets highlighted only while zoomed in as a menu part is somewhere out of the screen;

What happens is, when you are actually zooming in the menu "walks away" from the screen.

I really wish to laugh at this as this is exactly the kind of issues I'm struggling myself WITH NO IT education (while editing HTML / CSS etc), but when I'm thinking about how big this company is, I'm just not happy about the result. My only question here is:
-If you (OVH) are updating your web is this possible that this is not compatible with mobile devices and we have 2016/08? o . O Srsly?

Than I have decided to go through google play - I was thinking to myself this wouldn't be possible for such a great company not to have an app if web manager is not working...
Just 404 again. Simply NOT FOUND. Nothing.

Could someone please tell me if this is planned or will someone maybe try to fix all this in upcoming months. I mean how can you not even have an app...

OVH, please don't let your little customer down. I'm sure I won't be the only person looking forward to these kind of updates.

Thank You all again for reading this topic.

I would be happy if other users could report here as well. Thank You.

Please don't get offended. It is not my intention. If I have offended anyone I do apologize. Please do not remove posts as doing so without letting me know why it was removed is as bad as me being rude if I was. Again - because of my numerous requests and feedback messages over the past years because I don't feel like any action was taken and if any action was taken I don't feel like this was the right path - I am bringing this issue to the public.

Overall - please give us tools to work with on mobile devices or fix current web engine to be usable on mobile devices.


10-08-2016, 07:36
Hi there hello!

After quite a few years being a customer with ovh I think it's good idea to bring some of my thoughts to public since for some of the issues I have encountered throughout my time with this company it looks like some of them are just.. ongoing issues.
It's obviously not my intention to only cry over some issues as in fact I am overall happy with services and quality I get, however there are few things worth addressing as service I get could be better and that's my intention.

I would like to start of the good things before heading to things that bother me more or less.

I remember Ovh since Ovh free 60 (mb) offer back some years ago so I'm not a new customer and I do appreciate changes that I can see over the years. A lot has changed and most important to mention would definitely be transfer limits being taken off. That was a hard time and I'm actually happy that these days are long gone and now we look for more and more high tech goodies. And this is wrong approach.

What do I mean by that? Well, take for instance web manager. I mean what is wrong about the old one that you must take it down while new web manager is absolutely unusable. Broken.
And I'm being serious. Recently I was called about database issues on one of my domains by my friend to investigate, however I was on the move so I was not able to use a PC. Obviously jumped straight to web manager on my phone to get fresh database backup. And all I could do was literally NOTHING. It is worth to mention that my previous phone was maybe outdated with Android 5.something (?! Seriously) because that's how I was explaining to myself issues with web manager before I've decided to upgrade it to the latest version of Android on 4th gen Motorola. And OK - this isn't maybe the high end device, but can someone explain to me how is this possible that this device still can't handle html properly. Maybe my Chrome is bugged on a 2-3 weeks phone? So I've spent about 1,5hr trying to get automated back up for my web services which didn't work and I couldn't log in to phpmyadmin panel through my phone neither.
But wait! There was old interface available!
Nope, it's gone. A huge face palm. So my website is down. I know sh!t about why it's down and I can't even backup my database.

OK OK. I admit I'm not an IT educated guy nor a programmer but sugar - why am I getting feeling like this new interface was made exactly by people like me?!

Not only interface was magically switching resolutions on the phone every time I clicked another link but also, all pop-ups are just bugged. No service there! Nothing. Empty. Blank. Null. Nicht and nada.

I think I don't have to mention ovh sms 2nd authentication service, which doesn't work.
Some information's are missing over the old interface. I mean ovh where are you heading now? Towards FTW or WTF? Please excuse me here and my language - I don't want to be rude here just trying to dramatize a little to bring a proper attention to this issue.

I think by this time I can say it - Ovh your new web manager interface not only sucks due to luck of information and options. But doesn't even work properly. That's actually a huge issue to me since I have to access the manager sometimes on my phone and all I can get is more or less "404".

People why do you introduce product which is not ready? I am trying to understand this so badly. And of course I could just switch my services provider some would say. No! That's not what I want since I hate changing things when I don't have to or if I have no reason to do so. Quick example. How many of you are using total commander, irfan view etc. What is wrong with this software that I would have to change it?
Since they have plenty of information, they are simple, quick and reliable!

Yes! That's where I'm heading! I mean why do I need all these animation style while things I'm trying to do are either not there or are not working...
By now you should all know why I want to say sugar sake.

I've wrote quite a few suggestions and all these feedback emails. Nothing was changed.

Instead of providing a broken service why not improving the one that we all know and that we all work with and that we all appreciate?

Few more things such as automated database backup pop up option "Now". When I, as a customer see this option I might have 2 reasons to use it;
-some important changes to be made afterwards,
-need of immediate backup of web database.

Well? While for first option this could be somewhat useful. Forget about option 2 being ever useful.
Not only this takes forever for like 5 mb database, but I don't even know afterwards when exactly it was done let's say in case of emergency.

I am overall happy customer and I do appreciate some changes. But OVH how long it's gonna take you to realise that mobility is also what you should provide to your customers. I am not going to go into some technical issues I've encountered on my servers as they were due to my own lack of knowledge or maybe due to some updates on Ovh, I don't mind all that.

My main reason writing all this is web manager and I would be happy if someone else could back up what I have described here as I don't want to feel like a complete imbecile! :-D

BTW. Please don't reply things like;
Ohhh you should remember to back up your database regularly - this doesn't change the fact that web manager is not working! And I'm not having issues here about my database.
And why my account was disactivated after a few months I have no idea but there's seems to be no way to activate it back.