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Rebooted VPS - Remote connection to MySQL extremely slow

10-08-2016, 17:28
No security risk. But check the DNS configuration on the MySQL server, "skip-name-resolve" should have no such large performance impact. Maybe one DNS server is not reachable, or takes too long to answer.

10-08-2016, 15:53
Update: Added:

to my.cnf and restarted the service - works like a sharm. Security risk?

10-08-2016, 15:14
I'm not good with CentOS or linux in general. I have a webhost (paid hosting somewhere else) and this VPS which is hosted at OVH (Linux, CentOS). What do you mean with connection from web VPS to MySQL VPS? There's a connection between them, yes. It does retrieve data and works - it only takes like 15-30 seconds to load, so the site is loading slow.

Also connecting to the database using Navicat (on my computer). Works just fine, quick and good. Possible to get contact with you somewhere else? Like if you could help me/take a look remotely? You seem very competent

It is definietly something wrong with the MySQL Setup on the VPS, pretty sure. I've tried to open the 3306 port for the webhost IP, added a user and it works - just very slow. Really need help.

10-08-2016, 15:03
Have you tried connection from your Web VPS to the MySQL VPS, and performing some queries? Also try ping & traceroute between them, to see if there's some network problem.

10-08-2016, 14:46

I rebooted my VPS yesterday (have done that a few times before that too, never caused any issues). However, yesterday it made my website (which is not hosted on the CentOS VPS) got so slow. It has to do with the connection to the MySQL server (which is on the CentOS VPS). I'm doing a remote connectio basically, and it has always been just fine untill yesterday when I rebooted it. Don't know what happened, but the database works just fine - but the connection is loading so slow from the webhost to the VPS MySQL. There's a connection, but EXTREMELY slow. Why's that?