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I need help

14-08-2016, 16:26
Hi All,

so i have opened a server to run a flash bot for an online game i like to play BUT i have struck a problem, after installing windows hyper r2 i simply cannot figure out what on earth i have to do, when i access the server via the "shell in a box" online thing it says this

No directory, logging in with HOME=/
ipmiutil ver 2.94
isol ver 2.94
Opening lan connection to node ...
Connecting to node
-- BMC version 8.26, IPMI version 2.0
Opening lanplus connection to node ...
Connected to node

Cannot open /home/shellinabox/input, ignoring

[SOL session is running, use '~.' to end, '~?' for help.]

AND then when i use the applet only the CMD comes up, now i have used servers beofre but when i installed windows the graphical display was already working and i didnt have to do stuff with the CMD, i'm a novice at best when it comes to servers and thought this would be straigh forward.... i was wrong. i have looked at OVH's guides and they are crap and need some attention!
can anyone please help me? all i need the server to do it run a flash program!