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[Help] Questions..

20-08-2016, 00:58
Yes, it's cheaper due to the older hardware, as well as the lack of some extras OVH servers have(larger backup storage, better network, more IPs, etc).

20-08-2016, 00:44
Quote Originally Posted by alvaroag
Hi. I'm not OVH staff, but I can answer your questions:...
Thank you so much for the in-depth answer.
I've ordered a server from SYS with the same specs as the OVH game server, so i can only imagine that it's cheaper due to older hardware?

Either way, i'd just need to get the paper work done asap.

19-08-2016, 23:45
Hi. I'm not OVH staff, but I can answer your questions:

1. OVH offer many types of services(Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS, ans many more), while SyS offers only dedicated servers. Also, OVH has a lot more options in dedicated servers, like vRack, more powerful servers, more hardware choices, better connectivity(250 Mbps in SyS, up to 10 Gbps in OVH), and some more. Finally, SyS hardware is usually older than OVH hardware. It's normal on SyS to get an HDD with 2 or more years usage, while on OVH it's common to get HDD with less than one year usage, and even a new one.

2. You can choose the datacenter where your server will be installed on the first order page, right after you click on "Order" in the product listing. If you don't see the datacenter you want in the list, it's either because that model is out of stock in that datacenter, or it's not currently being deployed there.

About the date you need the server.... I think it won't be possible. Servers are usually deliverfed on working hours of working days according to the timezone of each datacenter. So even if you place your order now, assuming you have your account already validated(if not, that could take 2 or 3 extra working days), the earlier your order could be processed is 22th; and, if the server has a a greater delivery time(72hs for some models), it would take longer.

Now, regarding the location problem.... Are you sure that's the only criteria for the masterlist sorting? maybe they are sorting by IP, or some other criteria. Any case, you should note that OVH, or any ISP, cannot guarantee how your server will be positioned in such list, as it's out of their control.

19-08-2016, 19:07
Hello, i wish to rent a dedicated server from OVH again, but i got some questions.

I wish to open gameservers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which i've done before through OVH, i never found the server popping up properly on the masterlist, sadly.

I've seen other servers performing well from OVH, but they're all located in Roubaix, which i've never been to.

When i choose gameservers on OVH's website i can only choose between Gravelines and Strasbourg.

Where in SYS i can also try Roubaix..

So my questions:

1. What's the difference between OVH's site and SYS?

2. How can i make sure my Gameserver is located in Roubaix, when i don't have the option to choose the server location myself from SYS.

I'd need to order the server before the 22th which means i can't contact support anymore about these questions, so this is rather urgent for me.
I hope some of you can answer my questions or atleast guide me.