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Which location will be better for me UK or US for dedicated server?

28-08-2016, 18:58
Well, if it's not approved by now, I doubt it will be at some time.Twy posting either a link to an image(not the actual image included in the post), or just transcribe the results into the post, as they are not usually too large.

28-08-2016, 13:57
Yes, It contains link of the image of that speed test. Till now it is not approved.

26-08-2016, 19:22
Might be it contain any links?
In some forums for a new users pre-moderation is enabled, if the message contains it.

26-08-2016, 14:39
My previous reply is not yet approved. why?

26-08-2016, 13:04
There is hardly any difference you will notice if you are using a connection like lease lined from reputated ISP.

26-08-2016, 00:16
Take a look on my topic:
I had to give up the server in Canada because it was impossible even to do backups on a backup server in Europe.

25-08-2016, 23:04
Currently OVH has only DCs on France & Canada, not in UK/US. Which one has better access time from India, not really sure... probably SBG, but it's better if you test:

The four hosts can be accessed from your browser, via HTTP, to run a speed test, or download some test files. You can also ping them.

25-08-2016, 18:53
I am from India and I am willing to buy a dedicated server and the users of my website will be mostly from India. I wanted to know which location will be better for me in the terms of speed?
I think UK is near to India so it will be faster than the US.
Can anyone suggest me??