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A suggestion to improve the VPS line of products

31-08-2016, 16:45
I don't know if this is the place to file suggestions for OVH, but I hope at least someone sees this.

Instead of having a now big number of VPS plans, especially for the public cloud line, couldn't there only be 3 basic categories, SSD VPS, CLOUD VPS and PUBLIC CLOUD.

Then instead of having a million different plans, especially on the public cloud side, you could just have the 3 options and then sliders for how much of what resources you want. So if I want 2vCores but only 2GB of ram I could just slide the sliders the way I want, there could be a set /GB or /vCore etc. price so the customer could set up A VPS with only the resources they need.

I understand that if a whole bunch of customers now want only one vcore and 10GB of RAM from a server that only has 4GB of RAM per vCore that might mean that you're not really selling all of the resources of the server which obviously is not good for profit, but this would be nice for me, the customer