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vRack, IP blocks and bandwidth

04-09-2016, 22:17
I asked this some time ago to OVH staff. They told me that the outgoing bandwidth from the vRack to internet is the same you could expect with the NIC directly connected to internet. So, in your case, it should be 250 Mbps. I suppose that it should be affected by the purchase of additional bandwidth.

04-09-2016, 18:41
I have a question regarding bandwidths...

I have Three servers (HOST range), that are all on the same vRack. On the same vRack I have also two /27 IP blocks. The servers are running vmware, and on one of them I have a pfSense firewall that takes care of all incoming and outgoing traffic.

All my traffic is going through the vRack and the two IP blocks - I am not using any of the IP's that belongs to the servers - in fact the internet NIC's on the servers are not configured at all.

So my question is, what bandwidth should I exepect to have? The servers comes with 250 Mbps. And, if I want to upgrade to a higher speed, can I do that? Since the firewall runs with HA on vmware, there is no fixed server where it will be running. Can I have the bandwidth on the vRack rather than on a specific server?

Thankful for any answers!