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dude about dedicated server + proxmox + plesk

12-09-2016, 13:30
Any specific reason for Choosing plesk ? If the VPS are going to be Windows based then plesk is fine. Otherwise Cpanel is also good but yes it will be costlier then plesk panel.

05-09-2016, 20:56
Buying directly from Plesk can be cheaper (or not) depending on the license type you get.

About the resellers, I've actually never worked with Plesk (or any other CP). But a Google search may do.

05-09-2016, 17:52

Thanks for answer, but in OVH the license is cheaper than buy directly in plesk no? Do u know another reseller cheaper? thanks

05-09-2016, 15:13
Hi. You have to buy a Plesk license for each VPS(the Plesk license is per IP). There's no per-node licensing option with Plesk. For a volume discount you can contact Plesk sales to get such licensing option.

Remember you are not restricted to buy Plesk licenses only with OVH: You can get them with any Plesk reseller, or directly with Plesk: . As you are planning to deploy plesk in VPS, you can take advantage of the VPS licenses ("Virtual"), or, if each VPS willl host no more than 10 domains, you can choose the "Web Admin" license.

05-09-2016, 13:22

Now i have a lot of VPS that are hosting some webs.

I want to buy dedicated server, install proxmox and some VPS, give one ip per VPS and install plesk in all VPS.

I can buy plesk license for all VPS in OVH? of what i need to buy?