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Wrong Location

05-09-2016, 22:31
Another problem the ping does not go below 100ms

05-09-2016, 22:10
If you have just placed the order, but not paid for it nor received the server, you can let the order expire.

If you have already paid for it, but not yet received the server, contact OVH staff ASAP (see website for phone number).

If you have already received the server, I think there won't be really much to do. You can of course try calling OVH staff about it, but it's probable you will have to order a new server, and no refund.

05-09-2016, 21:14
for wrong setting I setup my vps on North America > Beauharnois (CA)
And for my business can't locate here + the ping is really high.
It's possibile to change to: Europe > Strasbourg (FR) ?
Or it's possibile to request a refund?