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How do i Modify the Reverse DNS

12-09-2016, 13:27
Thats correct, The hostname that you want to set RDNS should be resolving properly.

06-09-2016, 13:52
Hi. Is the domain under which you eant to setup your reverse DNS host setup correctly, and resolving? Let's say your reverse DNS host is "", you will require "" to be fully working and resolving; and you need to get "" to resolve to the IP address you want to set the reverse DNS

06-09-2016, 06:16
Hello everyone at OVH, i'm newbie still trying to learn the OVH VPS Hosting so currently i'm using VPS and my OS is Windows Server 2012.
So i was wondering i'm trying to change my Reverse DNA, but it won't me allow to changed it says "An error occurred on modifying the Reverse DNS. (192.x.x.x: Cannot resolve NS query. Try again later!)

Does anybody know how can i change it correctly? or am i doing it wrong?

Thank you!