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Server stuck in Intervention

11-09-2016, 19:38
The local OVH call centers(in each country) don't work on weekends. You can call OVH Canada (+1-855-684-5463) or OVH France(+33 9 72 10 10 07), where they offer 24 hours service for incidents.

11-09-2016, 16:12

I have opened a ticket as seemed like hard disks failed on my server, I opened a ticket and they now seem to have been changed but my server is now stuck in an intervention so I cannot reinstall it.

Your incident number (020) 3384 2356 every time you select an option it cuts you off, I understand OVH is not best for support but to have an incident number that just cuts you off is a bit shameful. I do get tempted to sign up to the VIP support sometimes but I cannot see the point as its hard just get threw to you guys not alone to talk to someone to get the VIP support.

Ticket Number: 3380924652