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Enabling Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on Apache for 2 domain names

20-09-2016, 18:51
check the error logs, as something went wrong

18-09-2016, 19:16

I tried to get Let's Encrypt certificates for both my www and non-www domain names, then redirect all the requests to https://www.afa-advisory.com/.

I installed certbot on my OVH VPS, then I tried many attempts to get both certificates:

1) I tried an all-in-one command:
certbot --apache -d afa-advisory.com -d www.afa-advisory.com

2) I tried the domain names separately in two commands:
certbot --apache -d afa-advisory.com
certbot --apache -d www.afa-advisory.com

3) I tried expanding the first SSL certificate.

The problem is that I always get an invalid certificate for my root domain:

Invalid Common Name: Default Company Ltd

Thanks in advance.