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Really 3 Days and Counting to get a server

19-09-2016, 16:01
Just an update, I did get a re-fund.

19-09-2016, 14:18
I ordered my server last Thursday money was taken from my account, received an email Friday morning that they needed more information, I have no problem up to that point. I provided the information that they requested. I put in a support request concerning my purchase shortly after. It's now Monday mid afternoon and have yet to receive a reply to anything. This maybe the craziest company I have ever done business with.

I have used OVH CDN/US several times and there customer service was outstanding, so whats up with the UK office?

The next logical question would be "then why didn't you stay with them" because the UK office has a specific server that I was looking for that is not offered thru the CDN/US office.

so in closing I would just like to warn anyone that reads this to stay clear of OVH UK if you expect customer service in a timely manner !!!

Wish Me luck getting my server or money back!!!!