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Firewall Managment Interface - Setting up Standard Rules

26-09-2016, 08:01
Windows comes with it's own firewall, "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security", which is fairly good; you can find it inside "Administrative Tools" in the Control Panel.

As a recommenfation, it's better to review all or most of the default rules, as some of them may not be required for the usage you intend, and/or may be a security risk. The UI is user friendly and easy to use.

26-09-2016, 05:39
Thanks for the reply...

So what is your best recommendation for an OVH VPS running windows server (OVH cannot offer hardware firewall for their VPS options)

Linux /cPanel i found this to be very good:

Thanks in Advance...


26-09-2016, 05:19
I've never used the OVH firewall, but I'd recommend you to use either a fully-featured software firewall, or a hardware firewall(OVH offers Cisco for additional cost).Any of those will allow you a higher customization level when comparing to the OVH firewall.

If you are using Windows, the included Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is a good option. If you are using Linux, the kernel includes netfilter, and most distros include iptables, which is the most basic interface to netfilter. However, using iptables directly is not a good option, and I'd recommend the usage of a stateful firewall like firehol (small & simple, but not so powerful) or shorewall (a little bigger, a bit more complex, but really powerful).

26-09-2016, 04:21
Hi Alvaroag

Its the one in the OVH control panel when you select IP...

The one where the interface looks like this:

25-09-2016, 16:58
What firewall are you using?

25-09-2016, 10:35

Im trying to use the Firewall interface to setup standard rules to secure my VPS.

I want to allow full access to 2 fixed IP's
Allow access on port 80 and 443 for SSL
Allow the server to access the outside world
Block everything else

I cannot find ANY information on setting up the interface...

Any attempt i try doesn't seem to work.

Please OVH i need help here.