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Looking to open a Minecraft Toplist

25-09-2016, 23:05
How do i find the firewall? Where is it located?

25-09-2016, 23:04
Depending on the Linux distro you choose, a software firewall may be enabled by default. In such cases, most ports are closed, but you can disable the software firewall or change it's configuration to open more ports.

No matter which Linux distro you are using, I'd recommend you to setup your own software firewall (disable the default one if possible), so you can teak it to your needs. Unless you are a TCP/IP expert, using iptables directly won't be a good option, so you'd better take a look on firehol (simple, but so powerful), or Shorewall (a bit more complex, but really powerful).

25-09-2016, 22:25

I came here, because i'm having some difficulty having server owners add their server to my website. I bought a vps from here, because i believe all ports are generally open on a linux vps, and majority of the risky ports are closed.

Anyone know how to help here?

I bought the linux vps.