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Strange network issues with packet flow on TCP connections

29-09-2016, 12:06

I have some network issues which is occuring I think for past year. I thought this behaviour is normal but it is not.
The problem is that OVH firewall starts to drop ESTABLISHED tcp connection packets after some time.

You can reproduce this problem like this:
1. You have 2 servers (both can be in OVH).
2. You create GRE tunnel between them.
3. You create 2 ssh connections - 1 through GRE and 1 directly on public server IP
4. Keep the ssh sessions open, after like 3 minutes you won't be able to send commands on direct connections because the packets are dropped somewhere on the way by OVH firewall, However GRE connection works normally.

I don't want it to be fixed on ssh, I need to have it fixed on other application which uses TCP. My server is in GAME Range (maybe there could be some problem ?)

I've sent message to support, no response after 2 days. I need to solve this problem till next 8 days because my new project gonna start.