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Outgoing port 25 is blocked

30-09-2016, 17:46
I'm trying to setup my mail server without relay.

I've a very strange problem, my port 25 (SMTP port) is accessible from other vps even I can telnet on my port 25 from my cloud server but I can't connect to port 25 of other providers.

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, ik this can be a problem with firewall but I tried to add a rule for port 25 but it is not working

I have a VPS on US site and port 25 is working fine there.

Is that a problem with ISP in France?

Also what is wrong with cloud server, server setup tho, there is no option for OVH release OS also the setup is not generating a prebuilt password even if I try to add a new password it doesn't work.