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My server is block :mad:

18-10-2016, 14:56
You'd better talk this with OVH staff on the phone; they don't come here often.

Do you say your server has been blocked because you received a notification from OVH? Or because you have some problem accessing it? If it's the first, the notification should have the reason, as well as the procedure you must follow to solve the issue. If it's the second, remember OVH servers are unmanaged, so you are the only responsible to keep it up and running. You can try rescue mode to fix some access issues.

18-10-2016, 08:52
I'm trying to get an answer from you yesterday, I do not who do not respond. Explain to me what I should do whatever you have it unblocked. I am very unhappy with your support, not explaining nothing, you just block the server and ignore almost daily