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Cannot buy 2nd server

23-10-2016, 01:06
I was gonna order a server,i press the option "i am already customer" then i press "view information" and i couldn't process to the order with a reason "your email is already in-use".

Thanks for the fast reply.

22-10-2016, 23:53

1. What do you exactly mean when you say "I cannot buy second server under my account"? There's no (known) limit of servers per account, and, if there is one, I'm sure it's not 2 servers. Maybe the server is out of stock.

2. When talking about AntiDDOS, it's not like it supports or not certain games. The AntiDDOS GAME is tuned to have a better performance for some games, but will work normally for any other type of traffic it is not tuned to.

22-10-2016, 18:02
Hello there,
i just got 2 questions.

1. Why i cannot buy second server under my account? (Email already used,i am already costumer)

2. The game server with anti-ddos game protection supports lineage or not?

Thank you.