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Big ping between local computers on OVH

23-10-2016, 18:47
My email address is the same like my ovh account.
I have a problem with local connection between this IP 151.80.*.* and 176.31.*.* The problem comes from 151.80.*.*

Both computers are on same location on OVH and have local connection where usual the ping is under 1ms, now when i make ping check i receiving like 30-40ms, sometimes 70-80ms and my systems cannot work properly with this big delay. Last night i had the same problem for 1 hour and today the same problem which continues 3 hours already!! My work is stopped for now and i think this is a problem from the internet provider (OVH). Please let me know what is the problem and i this should be solved as soon is possible, otherwise i can't work!

My default ping between these both PC is 0.3ms, now is 40ms.

I send last night 3 messages on support with my account and until now (20 hours later) i have no answer yet.
Please, i need to know what is happening.