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IPV6 Subnet for KVM Servers

29-10-2016, 17:53
Hi. As IPv6 is pretty much different from IPv4, so the vMAC method is not possible. You have to use forwarding and ProxyNDP. The problem is those methods are also incompatible with the bridged configuration used for IPv4, so you will also have to:

- Configure your server's public IP (v4 & v6) under eth0, with no bridge
- Configure the same IPs, but with mask /32 or /128, in vmbr0
- Put all your VMs bridged to vmbr0
- Setup forwarding & ProxyARP/ProxyNDP from vmbr0 to eth0
- On each VM, use your server's main IP (v4 & v6) as gateway

29-10-2016, 11:49
I have an question and didn't find something that could help me so far.
I want to have multiple VMs running in IPV6
I'm running KVM on Proxmox in the latest version.

How can I assign an Address Block of /96 of my /64 block to a VM?
IPv4 needs Virtual Mac Addresses, but how does this work on IPv6?
I can only assign single IP's from the Interface but I can't add Ranges from it.

I would apreceate any help