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Ordered a Server on 26th October it's been 4 days

30-10-2016, 17:02
Hi all,

I ordered a server on the 26th of October It was: HOST-64L - 64G Xeon D-1520 Server - 1 month and Option HardRaid 3x2TB - 1 month. It stated on OVH's website it'd take 24hours. However, It has been four days. I have managed to contact several staff members from several departments, each one stating 'It'll be done today, If not the early hours of tomorrow morning, this has been happening to day one, each time a staff member has pushed it back. Yesterday I was told they were performing benchmarks on the server, and today I was told I should have it. Still nothing.

On top of this, I am under pressure as my current Dedicated Server Provider's contract finishes on Tuesday, and everything still needs to be migrated by me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


James Buddrige
Director of Operations at Nocrus Limited.