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Cloud Desktop Do I prevent auto shutdown and logoff

02-11-2016, 16:21
I rented my first cloud desktop ,I'm an OVH customer. Its performance is okay but the main issue I have faced is that the server is programmed to shutdown after a duration of inactivity. I have tried to adjust the power to is best performance to prevent it from shutting down , it didn't stop it. I also creayed new task with autologin but yet it still shuts down, it will only autolog me in only after i I connect.

I want this sever to be ON 24/7 without sudden shutdown (besides its scheduled maintenance time). I want my cloud desktop to be just the same way I left it when ever i connect to my server. I want my pdf documents open on the desktop, if it was left open during my last connection. The same goes to any other app on my desktop. I want then running on the desktop

Can anyone help Please