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Minecraft server & Linux

16-11-2016, 11:27
please, any moderator, lock this thread

i am still new to these forums, so i don't know how to manage posts (yet)

15-11-2016, 12:36
learn how to administrate the server, use google or OVH is not for you as you cant manage server!!!

14-11-2016, 14:58
Hello, I am LazospLaying (aka. Lazos).
I am planning to buy a dedicated game server (MC-32) For my minecraft network. Until now, i was hosting my servers on game hosts (aha shared mashines). There is everything already set up (well you have the panel and few clicks > everything is installed), so i am all new to this (linux, "starting from the bottom"). And i would need some help. I dont have the host YET, but i may get it today, so please, help me.

I will run a 64 bit Linux (debian 8)


1 How do i get to server's command line ?
2 How do i install drivers for FTP, or whatever is needed to run a "FTP server" ?
3 How do i setup the console (minecraft server's command line)

(i will be editing this thread and adding more questions)

Thank you for any information,
Have a nice day.